Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax Palm Tree

Carnauba Palm tree, Copernicea cerifera, is a fabulous tree found in the northeast of Brazil mostly present in Ceará, Piiaui, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Bahia and Maranhão.

Its presence is observed from landscapes through valleys, rivers and small lagoons.

Harvest Season

Crop starts from June going up to January on most of the production areas. The cuts made on the leaves where the wax is extracted is a sustainable activity, since it does not cause any damage to the plant been naturally renewed for the next crop.


The wax is extracted from the palm leaves in powder form and is subsequently processed and refined for commercial market.

Manufacturing Process

After the extraction process, Carnauba Wax in powder is melted on tanks passing through finishing process that involves filtration, bleaching and final packing, hence guaranteeing purity and quality to all grades manufactured.


We offer to our customers carnauba wax in flakes and lumps form, at the following types:

Carnauba Wax Type T-1 Filtered Prime Yellow
Carnauba Wax Type T-3 Refined Light Fatty
Carnauba Wax Type T-4 Filtered Fatty Grey


From the ancient use on old phonographic records and candles, Carnauba Wax is an essential raw material on multiple uses, such as on Food Industry on fruit and cheese coatings as well as on chocolate and sausages. Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industry is another sector of intense presence in many applications as finished products and formulas for lipsticks, lip liner, face powder and creams.

Cleaning Industry is another major application due to its fine insulating properties extending excellent shining properties also used on Lumber Industry as waterproof laminated plywood extending extra resistance from sun cracking.

Packaging Industry

Again due to its outstanding insulating properties, Carnauba Wax is widely used on cartons boxes and paper kraft preventing from water and vapors been totally stable, non-toxic and odorless.

Paint Industry

Carnauba wax is a major component in some types of printing ink, varnishes and ink additives for bar code labels.

Automotive and Boat Industries

Used in a large variety of anti-corrosive paints applied to car´s bodywork to prevent rust while improving further protection. Used on boats is lasts protection and lessens surface friction granting higher speed in addition to protective cover.


Carnauba wax is considered the “ queen “ among all natural waxes. Its composition consists of fatty acids and esters.

In addition to be an FDA approved material it was also considered to be a REACH exemption due to its natural purposes.

Among a couple of advantages we may say that Carnauba Wax is:

  • It is a natural product and therefore can be ingested without causing damage to human health;
    If it properly storage it is not perishable;
  • It has the high melting point and consequently the hardness degree among all other natural wax;
  • It contains the lowest acidity index;
  • It is capable of producing intense brightness;
  • it is considered to be a friendly, ecological and sustainable activity of the semi-arid of Brazil and an important activity that genwerates income to small farmers during the dry season into the country side;